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Para poder adaptarnos a nuestro mundo necesitamos primero percibirlo sin distorsiones.


En la era de la información (o desinformación), nuestra realidad queda sumergida bajo las capas de juegos ideológicos. Impidiendo el desarrollo de las familias y paralizando a las comunidades. Esas son las condiciones orquestadas para imponer a un “Lider” o bien un “Salvador” alguien que dirija y reordene el caos (violencia, quemas, guerras) mismo que resurge innumerables veces… Esa es la trampa, si las personas fueran sensatas se negarían a seguir el juego, harían lo posible para que todos fuesen cien por ciento respetuosos y responsables, los padres y madres dejarían de sobornar a sus hijos con regalos y distracciones.

A principios de la década de mil novecientos setenta, descubrí la filosofía de Buckminster Fuller, comprendí que todos tenemos autonomía moral para desarrollar habilidades y contamos con la capacidad física para adaptarnos solamente a la realidad, las enfermedades mentales nacen de querer adoptarse a las mentiras.

More people are taking matters into their own hands, leaving behind the glamour of irresponsibility. Discovering how to embark on building a mature and sustainable lifestyle which will help restore balance in this ever changing planet .


New generations are open to creating strong interrelationships, and are questioning the absurdity of profit making over health. For life  to thrive it need a place to "be" without constant threats; we can adapt and survive with less "stuff", and if there is an agreement to collaborate and this requires trust, workable ideas, zero waste and an honest grasp of reality.

We invite you to become actively sustainable and view some of the most compelling lectures by Darin Stevenson here.

A sample of his work below

Mundo Sustentable

We’re in the midst of a bizarre situation in which information long ago became weaponized and we are unequipped to vet or deal with this fact. So many of us are being converted to receptors and transmitters in a battlefield whose actual agendas and participants we cannot even detect, let alone resist.


This results in confusion, anger, frustration, and factions...

I here reflect on topics related to this disturbing situation, and the nature of relationships that move from persons into ‘the between’ with the intention of forming a powerful superposition »over what would otherwise be our relatively helpless 'individuality'.

- Dairn Stevenson

Sustainable Sentinel

Restoring the balance of UNINTENDED







  • Organize clean energy projects for small community projects,

  • Build bridges of understanding

  • Apply sustainable language skills  

  • Use labor bartering 

  • Develop socioeconomictools.

  • Reinvent support systems but to become actively sustainable.

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