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Sustainability is the ability to sustain, but what is it we want to sustain?


Our organization focuses on the harmonious balance of life and its interrelationship with the environment. We study a problem to find what will work best to achieve harmony. As a cooperative we encourage companies to become co-owners, taking ownership of the problem, the solution, and celebrate the accomplishment. One needs to trust one’s own ability to foresee, and to embrace multitasking. The daily challenge involves considering, analyzing, and voting for a plausible plan, where each person implements their responsibility, and together shares the results.


With our principals intact, we can overcome most external obstacles. Habitual malfeasances are a major aspect of a sick society, which can be modified by removing the toxic elements that induce such behavior. 


We provide the solutions urgently needed by people who cherish their work and want to transform mindfully, both our inner capabilities and our external motivations, appreciating the historical hardships which enhances our solidarity with ever-changing reality.

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