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Unsustainable scams

Most devious practices go unseen

We want to share some of the best videos that can help explain how and where our basic misunderstanding allows others to trick us and normalize poor results. The current situation is a total economic sham.

There are very well educated and honest people that can help us change our pathetic destiny. We need to see and except the unsustainable hoax.

We have to stand firm and take on the challenge to live with courage, heal the land and stop deceiving ourselves.

Using primary sources, authoritative secondary sources

26:12 Americans look for political savior

29:41 Professional criminals are in power, want to start a civil war

31:26 Bubbles, asset classes, wealth concentration 32:22 Naming financial criminals

Why Big Oil Conquered the World”

by Corbett | Oct 20, 2017 | Videos | 0

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Corbett Report video editor Broc West joins James for a debriefing on the “Why Big Oil Conquered The World” documentary. They talk about the work that went into the project and how people can help to spread this information.

The SWARM cheats. They hate open debates. They hate fair elections and they hate you. -    Dr.Shiva

Link to post with full video & transcript:

Time for US. Get Educated, or Be Enslaved

We are in a world where propaganda has not just infiltrated, but dominated all media, and it has therefore invaded even our personal private relationships. Those who are not familiar with the techniques of propaganda are doomed to manipulation, control, financial exploitation and disempowerment. Thanks to Citizens For Free Speech ( for compiling this information. This video is a practical and valuable guide to the methods and techniques of propaganda as we face it today.

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