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Unholy Sacrifice

by Lucia N. Aguilar

       As more and more people fall ill, due to unsustainable ponzi schemes; such as "Nations" and the new flavor of the month called “Smart Cities.” You may assume that this is not a ponzi scheme, but it is (*A form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.) and very few persons can find the culprit standing in plain sight, I will get back to this point.


Our attention has been intentionally diverted towards "minuscule" activities such as survival, assisting our dying friends or family members with warm food, love and what little is left of our sanity. Minuscule in the sense of deprivation, city dwellers are stuck in a place that have no options, nor can they create alternatives due to the amount of restrictions.

Moral support has dwindled as the "thought police" penetrate each corner of the globe, self-censorship is not easy to grapple with. But, the consequences of denial, have produced millions of homeless people living and defecating in the streets. Broken people are not just mentally ill, they have been depleted, burned out by this never ending notion of “productivity,” that stems from religious hypocrisy, “God won’t let you into heaven if your lazy.” 

Of the enormous waste of time spent on speculating with the future of our children, eighty percent of education is dedicated to misleading parents and underestimating our children. And what is worse; is that we are told they are the "experts," and that we will ruin their future, we are threaten with jail time if we don’t give up our children to the system. Most teachers try to be good, it’s not their fault that they have to abide by the program.

     Let's begin to address and understand the inconceivable amount of rubbish produced by these mindless thieves, conniving psychopaths; all in the name of “Modernity", "Progress and Productivity”?

      Why all the mystery, if not to save face? When all is said and done, time will reveal the hideous misdeeds of the looters and assassins’ that took over this pristine continent, which was once known by the Greeks and Romans as “Atlantis.”  So why hide the truth about this land and unholy sacrifice? Why call the natives "Indians"?

     The people of this land were happy to share, they could not imagine that they would be mistreated, robbed and killed. Their culture and people portrayed in history books as savages, the creatures of this land would be decimated, the forest sold to build flimsy match boxes called homes, wasting  items conceived to control, buy and sell; pulverized trees into note books, plain toilet paper or pencils, leftover petroleum crud becomes uniforms, microfibers are mistaken for plankton.

     We tend to blame ourselves instead of the forces of greed embedded in these "smart" (fake) cities. We pay overpriced maintenance for a façade of pretentious and soulless skyscrapers. We're yearning for artificial food, stuck in traffic, listening to echoes of familiar melodies, glancing at the landscape plagued with empty buildings, all while scanning for a supermarket. This is what elementary schools are for: to teach indifference, to disregard reality and embrace the obscene consumerism.

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