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(Continuation of THE PERPETUAL GIFT,  Semanawak Part Six)

By Natalia Lucia Aguilar

Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors.

But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love.

​​~Khalil Gibran


The last five stories have been about how the hidden “forces of chaos” infiltrated the pristine land of hope, preserved and guarded by gifted people, custodians of the mountain spirits,, bestowed with the wisdom of ancient civilizations, which roamed Anawak to the east, west, north and south for twenty thousand years.


    Towards the end of the fifteenth century this land became weaken by a centralized  group of traitors, power thirsty tyrants usurped the position of the wise men, imposing arbitrary sanctions on their people, resentment grew amongst them, to the point that when the opportunity for revenge came, the victims of the sanctions helped the new invaders posing as puritans, without knowing that they were ill willed gold-seekers; the Levantines or offshoots of Phoenicians experienced merchants and professional looters. Till this day Anawak is still being plundered and all its inhabitants murdered.

     Those greedy monsters have multiplied by normalizing corruption, willful deception and immoral entrapment. Thus forcing people to allow unlawful governmental activities, to inflict absence amounts of violence on us and to habitually deny responsibility.


    Setting their minions to infiltrate every corner of the world, using money as the vehicle for corruption: most of these people are not aware of the "magical thinking" falling for the false notions of power, commodifying if not capturing everything hoarding it to sell it back to us at a later time; an invisible empire based on the language of seduction. Yes, the English language has borrowed words from every culture to "mirror"  feelings it does not have or doesn't care to acknowledge. The purpose of this language is not to communicate, but to penetrate the host and live off them.

     They cast their "spell" because the words are suggestions they are not even pronounced as they are written, they train us to study them, inquire, distract or entertain ourselves while the monsters devour us. Openly changing the meaning of words in online dictionaries! They have spontaneously brought into existence phony companies amass brainwashed people to produce visual nonsense to pass as content; reinforcing each and every concept they usurped full of contradictions hosting lopsided endeavors stumbling and promoting insanity.

   The enslaving is a byproduct of their unsustainable system, forcing us to eat the garbage they distill, impairing any sense of a trustworthy relationship, orchestrating false flag events such as "9/11" over and over again, just like they did for a couple of centuries back in 1611 to 1760 all over Europe *the burning of witches, (independent land owning women) more than 98,200 innocent women perished under the religious bigotry. This recurring event was then and is now an manufactured land grab of colossal proportions.

    There are numerous unjustified US invasions into other parts of the world, to destroy beautiful ancient cities erected by well educated, respectful and gifted people. The predators can not run the risk of having these simple, peaceful and useful places attract attention. They find ways to ruin, plunder and erase a wholesome civilization, profiting form fire weapons, enhancing their own twisted perverted commodities, for twenty years they took the afghan opioid production, a costly war waged with all the neighbors as well. While the pharmaceutical industrial complex used the free opium, to experiment once again just like in the 70's pretended to be in the business of aiding "doctors" sell two billion dollars of “pain killers” to unsuspecting patients, destroying their ability to "think" and invest in their well being, keeping both patients and medical practitioners hostage both inside hospitals and outside in at their homes.

   The "Cronus syndrome,”as I described in the fifth story, is denial, an awful pathology (of negation, probably difficult to admit because of their own personal tendency). thought some people want to refer to as Greek mythology, refuse to admit parallel view of nonconformity.  Just as our body is alert to toxic invaders confusing it self with an enemy thus the person seems threaten by the development of their own child. Social re engineering is just an extension of the damage done by the systematic denial and over protection, preponderating the rejection of reality, they need obliterate the whole environment or anything with a pulse, to feel temporally safe.


"Our denial is our doom"

To make matters worse the psychologist of our era, have unanimously proclaimed the villain to be a victim, he the "criminal" can get away with murder every time and their ambivalent compassion seeks to justify and cultivate stupidity: somehow the death cults have access to funding and tax exemptions to produce a plethora of cruddy movies portraing misunderstood characters, that folic around the in grandeur of mansions, over mystified palaces actively adoring "Cronus" as he attempts to stops time, they identify with his needs (to stay young) and deliberately destructive; because he fails, and never to stops aging. Thus the glorification of "artificial intelligence" the useless artifacts to conjure up an alternative; a realm that will simulate perfection, in the end its only a product of pathetic idiocy; a lavished version of "Second life", another fake multiverse or dorky augmentative reality meta-something.

     The story is old and in 1715 the British East India Company did precisely the same thing to China.  Hired thugs terrorizing people, dress as Indians, or pirates, doesn't matter as long as they cause mayhem. The rules of extermination also apply to the family members that disagree with the abuse, (some insist on calling it politics) the overtly chosen ones, those who demand privileges or else. According to them (the delinquent) making up lies to exploit all other creatures, is a natural given right, while ordinary people get in their way and must be trained or eliminated.

We mortals will be punished, are meant to serve and worship the psychopathic deity and if a person dares to express anything other than the given response, they will be persecuted and ridiculed. Does this sound familiar? When one prefers to omit the nonsense, implied by the overactive fantasies of the psycho, we trigger them to become a relentless guard, making sure we never get out of their prison.

Once permanently obliterated, robbed and assassinated while the culprit pretends to be hurt, rejected, he sets the stage for their favorite role; “the eternal victim.” My own father did the same to us; to his sisters, family and three wives; a life of misery, disrespect and cruelty... so I am totally qualified to write about this common phenomenon.

     In that moment of insane torture coming from a man or woman, who theoretically is in a caring relationship expected to support a child, one might turn off all hope of understanding and even contemplate suicide. Why? Because we "try very hard" to believe in what we're told? Because we dismiss the evidence in front of us and nullify our into the void of absurdity?


     The gift is absent, we seek it and even make up excuses for it, but it is not there, so we compensate with our own imagination, we add beauty to the ugliness, tell ourselves a story of why the gift is hiding.

Why the chaos?

     Of course, what we observe is the behavior of an exacerbated two-year-old in the body of an adult, tantrums come and go they don't take anything seriously, never even care observe themselves, because if they did they would have to change. The degree of trauma expands into each corner of existence. Some psychologist might label them bipolar brats, their learned victim-hood (tantrums) can scare us to the point of submission. I believe that this chronic form of arrested development, provides an escape from becoming an adult person, they cling to their nasty habits of manipulating and abusing others because it works. Because we make excuses for knowing full well they refuse to grow up and became responsible.

    When their trickery is discovered, they deny it and find new people to colonize. Of course we will naturally avoid them because their life is nothing more than a game, where they will always must win, such is the place of the palace, parliament, a theater. Think about the power of “money” if everybody was born with a huge fortune there would be no easy challenges, by changing the rules very other second; swindling is nothing more than a sport. Only the very few who can resist the temptation of digging for gold and ignoring reality will become legendary. And I don’t mean in history books, but throughout time and beyond their local community.

    Thus the false heroes of the hyped up sport arenas (weekly spectacles), are a poor imitation, prompting a false sense of “Sport culture”, including players and gamers, who find a way to get out of poverty by compensating. Now you understand why the stadiums, the loud music, sleazy concerts with thousands of fans, adored starlets parading on red carpets, awardees showcasing overpriced jewels, are not a thing we should brag about.

     Many other civilizations ended precisely because of the same vain afflictions from the pursuit of “success” power hungry or empty vessels? Even regular people in their tiny frame of reference, hoard stuff and more stuff, while drowning in despair, paranoia, and schizophrenia is no longer an enigma: it is mass denial. This culture is by design fueled by the fraudulent designs of social engineers to finance new gadgets, reinvigorated rubbish year, after year…  


     All this artificial glamor justified Caroline’s relentless selfishness, her affair with vanity, as well as all the current new age "laws of attraction", “mantras of self-persuasion” and hypercritical positivity. The “Five G” infrastructure forces us all into the “Black mirror” even zombified law enforcement have been issued an ultimatum to use the enhanced weapons against their communities. Meanwhile the ultra-rich make bunkers to escape the threat of nuclear war and hold on to the promise of technology and their twisted beliefs, and angry till the end.

    As I mentioned before, everyone had turned their back on reality, my father consumed Valium to fake courage, my sister used amphetamines to numb her loneliness, hoarding gave my mother futile sense of freedom. They, as many other leisure classes in the past “chose to be” willfully intoxicated and emotionally bankrupt.

    Being cornered, abandoned and invisible; allowed me the solitude to pleasantly enhanced my acute sense of perception. I slowly learned to reconnected to every aspect of my lucidly extended and collective past, I was softly propelled by the universal plasma. Unafraid of reality, I became free of doubts, immersed in the foreseeable consequences and ready for the future, no longer threatened by the nonsense.

In case people believe that narcissism is unbeatable there are three plausible things once those human fleas set out to destroy their host:

First, their demise will be due to the lack of truly understanding reality. Because they waste more time boasting to the world about how “they deserve to be fabulous blood suckers”. The depiction of perfect and endless supply, will attract more starving fleas than their crooked paradise can sustain.  

Second, our natural defenses can produce any substance, transmuting with very little sunlight people can quickly develop immunity to nano-toxins attacks. By growing some tricky isomers that avoid the poison from penetrating, also deactivating the substance and transforming it into a resistant anti narcissism, life giving source.

Third they hire (or enslave) decent people to work inside the plutocrat’s nests, these then turn their offspring into decent human beings, give them the love, common sense and nurturing that they were denied, sooner or later nature take its course by breeding the narcissism out of existence.

Thousands of individuals are fleeing “bizarro world” California, they have stopped the pain of trying to adapt to the artificial “Disco Lala Land” fever. The constant distortion of facts and the omission of unintended consequences that the cesspool of Hollywood escapades propagates is cloaking of misdeeds, the perverse duality between the larger than life legacy “savior” and insatiable predatory fantasy where he or she really did achieve success. Yet ignore the people who they betrayed, scammed and abuse at each step.

    The forces of chaos, induce erratic behavior “pretenders” which nothing more than denial, medical magazines, are paid to publish weekly or daily, editors can keep up with the amount of topics, their over view is compromised their vocabulary sophisticated to the point of irrational, because they consider everyone else as naïve and sentimentally stupid. They hire professional brats, not due to work but because they are someone’s nephew, or in-law. The fact is that for centuries the plutocracy has sold us their garbage, and they are angry that we aren’t buying it any more. We learned it’s a TRAP, set to exploit us with “LANGUAGE”.

     Let’s focus on what commercialization and transportation has done to human beings and the planet. Those misinformed groups of shortsighted primates create hoaxes, rituals to cast spells. They call themselves “special, exclusive or evolved” they pretend to be the “gift” and don’t perceive that the real gift is an action, not a person. 

    Scribes got to eat at the palace, in our present time they use ghost writers (poorly paid intellectuals or professional researchers, staff, students from loyal universities) who write the scripts for the “opinion makers”, to make predictions or fabricate enemies, thus portray themselves as “victims of envy” to gain empathy to their pathetic persona, yet bring in real hit-men to slay innocent bystanders and then declare see we told you! They also silently eliminate the writers who know too much.

   The roles of “State men” or “Starlets” are chosen by men or women holding the purse strings, “Leveraged” companies act as advisors, while neatly woven into red rug are an assortment of double cross psychopaths who not only persuade people to shut up, they recruit their replacement young disenchanted prostitutes. Alcoholics or drugs users incited to kidnap and kill young women, plant chaos, starve entire communities the “Full Spectrum of Dominance,” include local judges and politicians rewarded beforehand to ignore and erase the hideous crimes.

    My mom had become accustom to delegating her responsibilities; ignoring us teenagers and another seven-year-old autistic child, I was eternally resented for escaping from her grip. We were nothing but a liability, she was in her own head the perfect mom, based on her faith in the illusive power of money. The charade of “Sacred capitalism” where any moron infatuated with power is a despotic deity, their overwhelming emptiness fuels their anger leaving them stuck in a perpetual hell…

After the divorce I was an indentured slave to my father until I turned eighteen. I remember biting my tongue to keep from expressing any disappointment to either parent: they didn’t care or understand how impossible it was to make sense of things at age thirteen, it was all dismissed like everything else they have thrown away and deliberately ignored for the rest of their lives.

    Why is this much deeper than widow’s attempt last chance to impress her relatives? Country folks who left Caroline’s house bewildered, but totally relieved to have stayed on their land in Mexico. My sister wasn’t trying to kill herself she and thousands of high school student were being seduced and poisoned, the drug pushers (well payed agents of domination and *Iatrogenesis) They worked for an invisible army of criminals undermining families all over the world. As part of an ongoing extermination campaign, probing into the suburban enclave of California, Live action role-playing game (LARP) People started dying left and right, while the parents were given Valium (antidepressants) to manage the immoral impulse to keep busy and “productive”.  

    This perverse mission was designed to disintegrate any sense of belonging, to  avoid emotional ties, blindly accept false expectations. Learn pretend like in Nat King Cole's famous song "Pretend" brainwashing at its finest. The amount of money invested  in propagated in luxurious teenage magazines. We were indoctrinated to consume; find any job, buy a car, leave home before you turned twenty, rent an “apartment”, yes the word means “apart” to separate, while seeking perpetual “Happiness”, others were busy getting stoned and avoiding commitments to anything. The spell was casted and all the warnings dismissed.

     I ponder on a hypothetical multiverse where my mother Caroline had the courage to tell my father about the disappearing money. A place of real convictions where he also took responsibility, instead of punishing us, he might have gone to the high school and demanded an investigation into the problem. And the parents, teacher and administrators also became suspicious enough to uncover the masterminds and deport those devious culprits…

    Perhaps educators could have had more integrity, maybe they might have grown a conscience to truly invest in the future of our minuet planet and the wellbeing of the next generations. Had they observed the behavior of hospitals all over the country; how  offend teenagers were getting their stomachs pumped and just how many were dying. Maybe people would be horrified by the social atrocities, gather full of indignation to   prevented the overdosing. Sharing warnings to unsuspecting parents and if the press would have cared; that they found out that pharmaceutical companies and hospitals had no patients and were hemorrhaging money, so they crafted a plan to pinch family's savings by flooding the neighborhoods with cheap or free drugs.  Those same reporters could have stumbled onto a well-funded international ring of weapons of mass destruction, illicit death cult that was busy financing unnecessary wars; burning villages and displacing their inhabitants.

    But no, that multiverse does not exist, nor do good citizens like me and millions of plain people with enough integrity to stop the bio-weapons industry,  we truly want to create a lovely world. As I write this entry, I direct my words to those who are alive despite the zombies roaming around them. The gift is alive and thriving you have it, use it and undo the madness!

Millions of men  and women are going through mid life crisis, lose faith in love, become openly cranky, cynical and miserable; they forget their gift and commit suicide or lived in a pointless morass of aloofness. But for a few courageous beings, we remember the gift every day use it and act accordingly



*Iatrogenesis as an "illness which is caused by a doctor's medical intervention." Ilyich goes on to define three commonly encountered types of iatrogenesis; clinical iatrogenesis, which is a doctor-made illness; social iatrogenesis, which is deliberately created by the machinations of the medical-industrial complex; and cultural iatrogenesis, which saps the peoples will to survive.




First published August, 2021


Natalia Lucia Aguilar Gaona
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