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(Continuation of THE PERPETUAL GIFT,  Semanawak Part Five)

By Natalia Lucia Aguilar Gaona

Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty.

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.

​​~Bertrand Russell

Narcissistic culture is built on entitlement, it is a never ending war against life, love and trust. And it does not stop there, selling remedies that might seem benign to most people but, what we aren't able to figure out is that the stress of staying informed is also a form of addiction or "ritual".


For the gifted; distinguishing facts and from fiction is plain and simple, artificial elements are embedded in just about everything the narcissist dares to produce. The warping of reality has not caused our natural common sense to diminished, and while they have endless budgets to hire hit men, professors, or "scientists" fabricating fake reports posting on-line while banning or canceling "truth tellers" falsely accused of having original and dangerous opinions. Most people living in a city will be paralyzed with fear, unable to conceive the falsehood or perceive our contrived reality.


While the acolytes working for sterile institutions proclaim that there is no "Writing on the wall," as they sip their five dollar cappuccino, are in the habit of disregarding life by intentionally promoting and embracing "devolutional mutations".


     Lets not forget to mention the social psychologists who prefer to regurgitate inoperative behavioral theories from the 1950’s, who still secretly wish to control human emotions, not just because they get in the way of manipulating, but because they are unable to compete with the newer generations*, that reminds them of their own vulnerabilities, eliminating the habitat, natural subsistence is degraded our atmosphere along with millions other creatures that co-existence to make life possible.


    Due to their dishonesty and lack experience, death worshipers have been present in most of western history, they are "the usurpers" and will restate the same nefarious goals under different terminology, false assumptions, fake math or statistics, they pretend to be superior to others, they cast the "web" choose to destroy and suffocate the living, rather than to create, respect and become a bridge to life it self.

    These evil doers are all very happy campers digging new holes, inches away from the old ones; they are granted a monthly salary to publish to do or say whatever make sense to them, betting that there is nobody who cares or is paying attention to scrutinize them. They are engaged in well-funded campaigns perfectly calibrated to promote for years, if not decades "Ideological Garbage". Their "new syllogism" is designed to penetrate pseudo intellectuals, self proclaimed experts, that are payed to form "the illusion" and permanent confussement* or nonsense for mass consumption.

    There are a number of "fashionable" phrases that inoculate the “uneducated” like; “Gender Equality” or “Bio-ethics”, a series of tame sounding verbs and phrases that just like junk food nourish no one but do intoxicate them. These meticulously elaborated phrases are more of an excuse to deploy a long term for of decay, to impact and torture people slowly by depolarized our cells and paralyzing one by one of our organs making us chronology ill.

Until recently most of us were unable to address the question;

Where does all this insanity come from?

Millions of people have learned to accommodate the rhetorical nonsense, after ten or fifty years of alcoholism, tobacco, or synthetic hormones, any kind of imposition sets in as a habit; largely pretending to justify the quest for immorality. The degree of disrespect from free range degenerates, seem to have hundreds of prefabricated excuses to permanently ignore repercussions, focus on profits to cannibalism the markets or to wage war under the guise of business  ventures or their sacred "bottom line". Bureaucrats are willfully blind to reality, they will leap and cling to any simple ritual that shelters them from the ugly truth.

   When our simple truth is; if we “can’t breathe” we die. If we can’t eat, we die. If we are poisoned by any means, we die slower but we still die. The gift is life; we’re born with the gift. Sacrifice is not a true gift; it is penitence, a sticky notion reinforced by parasites. Anything suppressing life destroys the gift and that is exactly what we need to stop; the over rated delusion of control.

   Social engineering is not new, it has been prompted by "Stories" illustrated by visual artist in temples since the beginning of time, or scenes carved on castells walls or portable canvases, hand made books with visual depiction were replete with “product” placement or “subliminal” messages. Think of the oversized portrait of a bishop, a legendary king or a glorified battle. Story telling is a process by which most civilizations replicate "lifestyles" from one era to another. In these times artists are bought by parasitic hoarders, who misuse nostalgia to disguise their nasty habits.

   The calamity afflicting the world is not just violence and organized crime; it is human’s "wishful thinking", our embedded fantasies created to insulate oneself from another distorted “reality”, while starving and suffering from a fatal disease called life. There has always been a steering committee promoting emotional extortion ready to put the blame on someone. Old stories and ideas have been rewritten to appease public’s unrest, to keep them from investigating all the scams. Yet righteous anger has been always prohibited to the common citizen; “How dare does that "know-body", express disagreement”.


   Throughout history all kinds of institutions have been created to harbor the monsters of the “leisure class”. Within this parasitic leisure class there are three kinds of personality types; the “gorgeous,” the “witty” and the “agreeable.” Most people do not recognize that they are all parasites, and that is what makes them a "monstrosity" their are empty, ignorant and politely hypocritical.

   “The gorgeous,” in my findings; be a man or a woman; whom love to demand favors from others, and without question we must give in instantly or they will annoyingly persist until we do so. That "gorgeous" person uses his looks, or her cuteness and sexual appeal to position themselves into a state of utter dependency or learned helplessness, prompting up the physical aspects of esthetics, they quickly insert their hooks into their victims by denying reality and limiting access to any kind of real relationship. Sometimes know as the cat and mouse game, openly flirting with everyone while plucking (actually robing) attention, money or property from here or there. These ugly retched cowards decide what is convenient and comfortable to be known, they turn exploitation into an exclusive act of staging.

    “The witty” are creatures garnered by society to live in intellectual realms; safeguarded enclosures resembling a “gilded cage” where they can bestow their bland peer reviewed circumlocution unrestrained for as long as they live. Many were rejected offspring of affluent people, who then need to compensate by exhibiting their mastery, competing to attain doctorate, after doctorate, eternally paying homage to the wittiest by regurgitating predigested advice to their stockholders and misguiding the local kleptocrats holding office. The strategies they supply are mostly incongruent "theories," ill conceived dogmas about the "infinite" that support the plundering of the planet and eliminating imaginary rivals.

    We animals naturally recoil from being obliterated, many will summit to the demands of the “gorgeous” and others might be tricked into practicing the theories of the “witty.” But, all of these flourish due to our empathy; we assume that "the story" they tell us is true, we feel that this wounded creature deserves a second chance at life.


    This is when the third and most dangerous of our enemies succeed. Yes, the “agreeable” steps in; a unique kind of psychopathic parasite capable of fooling us all, they enjoy the suffering others and will immediately adapt and usurp any benign cause, they are irresponsible, highly opportunistic and simultaneously deny the insanity they alone can cause, and of course all its devastating consequences.


Most people of course don’t know they are slaves to the “agreeable,” who are natural wicked by proxy, they would rather we don’t think ever or if we dare to ask questions we are severely punished. They see themselves as harmless, incapable of idiocy, the degree of their hypocrisy permanently traumatizes any child, who my become equally deranged if exposed to its presence. Yet, the agreeable love to do the dirty work for the “gorgeous” and the “witty” and will be hired on the spot.


The agreeable sets up the honey pot and calls out to the four corners of the earth; Come, come eat free delicious honey”. To the unsuspecting future slaves, they cry and beg people to love their sudden urge for generosity. They nicely calculate the effects of showering us with attention, they “ask for our help and unconditional secrecy too! They promise that ‘we” will be handsomely rewarded for our much valued service (all of the poncy games are based on tricks). Perhaps, we may be given prizes or an accommodation as proof of their noble intentions. Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? 

These three prototypes are the beasts that eat their offspring, for them it’s just an impulse to eliminate competition, part of their entitlement.

    Fueled by the vanity of overrated actors that reined in the 1930’s a tiny portion of land outside of the downtown Los Angeles theater district, a small factory of illusions grew into the mind control center of the world. Southern California was for half a century enchanted by the celebrity culture, people all over the globe emulated the perverted European elites’ life style. The narrative of “rags to riches” zigzags in the minds of viewers, as a parade of ridiculous personas flaunted jewels, lavish wardrobes, hats or hairdos on the Hollywood fashion runways, billboards or magazines, were vastly distributed throughout every continent.

     Cinematography made voyeurism a standard addiction till this day; the hired storytellers created a fictitious "high society" that induced entire families to act and aspire to capricious nonsense, throughout decades, the overreach lead newer media; FM radio, television, all infecting the minds of simple hardworking country folks, flocked to the cities away from their land over to slums high priced rents in search of the “American dream”.


     A perfect smoke screen, while the agreeable, the witty and the gorgeous swindled hard working people all over the planet, under the dogma of “Profits, Prosperity and Progress” the criminal idiotic notion of endless growth, laced with “economic theories” rose to its current religious devotion.

Herds of aspiring couples, built homes to mirror their favorite movie sets, smoked the cigarettes and drank themselves to death. Induced social autism lowered real innovation and justified parental aloofness.  The over indulged lazy and ignorant scoundrels, lost a reason to be; to them life was one big party, to indulge in gambling, cocaine, heroin and alcohol.


   The people in every little town, and even in rural countries those who complained or objected to the proliferation of scoundrels and lowlife, were prescribed pharmaceuticals, forced to live on credit, attacked viciously by ruthless gangs. Children were saturated with synthetic drugs like crack or meth were in abundance. Two decades later in the divided states of slave-landia*, had turned into one big supermarket and a twenty-four hour none stop “entertainment” for infantile dissatisfied men and woman.

It takes a certain kind of person to discard both the past and the future at the same time. Something is wrong when the priest of positive thinking insist that “everyone should live in the moment”. Because they say so...


Why is our cultural legacy a burden?

And when did it turn to garbage…?

Is it because of the lifeless zombies repeat and refer to our experience as “baggage”, constantly asking us to get rid of our roots and our heritage?

The gift can only exist if we have a past, to be present for now and in the future.

*Newer generations; our purpose is to create newer generations from the reassembled gene pool someone's 50% by adding our 50% to make that next group of individuals capable of adapting to an ever changing environment. The eugenicist seek to stagnate and break the formation of these highly refined and embellished genes. Because they come from incest, their genes are impoverished debilitated by rejecting life it self.

*God Cronus, the god who devoured his own children because he didn’t want to share his wealth. He was son of Uranus and Gaea. *Confussement, term invented by Max Horowitz a character from "Mary and Max" is a 2009 Australian film written and directed by Adam Elliot.


(Continuation of THE PERPETUAL GIFT)

First published August, 2021

(story continues in Semanawak Part Six)


Lucia N. Aguilar Gaona
Published Books

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