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Our most important tool is caring.

We have to care enough to make the first move, it is a step by step processes.

While peer to peer communication is vital, some people have not developed good language skills. It is never too late to learn a skill or principals, things like respect for others, personal dignity, honor and responsibility.





Is a new manual designed to help educators understand the crucial role they have I s a tool  review how we distort or perceive our world and what to do to make it livable..

The Trivium Study

Guide version 2 /

Edited by Tony Myers



We must clean the water before we drink, cook or wash because of the lack of adequate ecologic practices the best way to start respect ourselves is by understanding that 70% OF  OUR BODY IS MADE OF WATER A PERFECT BALANCED ORGANISM

Make every day an opportunity to forge your future

Become an active member of your community. Perhaps because the place where you live has not developed a sense of social responsibility. Then you may need to take a stroll down your street and introduce yourself to your neighbors on a Sunday when people are home.

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Sustainable and regenerative practices in the botanical industry.

The Ethical Investment Group (EIG) is an investment club of up to 50 partners dedicated to hand-picking socially responsible investments.

Make every day an opportunity to forge your future

We may be living in new to a place, perhaps people do not own their home or apartment and may feel that their presence is temporary. Moving aimlessly without bonding to the place where they live.


 Use the power of knowledge!

Keep looking for information, make your case worthy:

  • We can visit our local library to find out more about the town's history. Take notes!

  • Find out where the local administration is and pay them a visit. Make new friends!

  • To build a community is to give it character, rooted in knowledge. The era of false expectations is now evaporating, because of their lack of substance and character.

  • Learn to ask questions, write them down and find if there are people like you, talk to the local administration review their activities do they have any; Do they need reviving or changing?

  • We can action and responsibility while respecting the local town men and their history.


Through revealing personal stories, add your observations. If we examine the high cost of ignoring the results of imitating extravagant lifestyles the devalued sense of appreciation.


​This is a new decade where all Americans, can stop producing hazardous waste and become part restoring a third of the world's resources.


Overworking has become a form of hiding the struggles of skyrocketing debt, personal stress, that will eventually collide and erode relationships between family members.  Promote the growth of deception with the excuse of striving to be rich or avoiding poverty. It's easy to understand why some people stay to themselves locked up in delusions. 


Opting out of the consumer merry-go-round, redefining life, value and making "voluntarism” a practical form of relationships with others and pay attention to where we live in is in itself a work of art.






  • Organize clean energy projects for small community projects,

  • Build bridges of understanding

  • Apply sustainable language skills  

  • Use labor bartering 

  • Develop socioeconomictools.

  • Reinvent support systems but to become actively sustainable.

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