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Why I wrote Conceptual Interpretation the path to Sustainable Thinking


On September 19th of 2017, an earthquake hit five States of southern Mexico, the intensity toppled most of the 16 century bell towers in many towns and cities. According to seismic monitors it was a 7.1 on the Richter scale, but in my opinion this earthquake was well over 8.7. Why would it be downgraded we will never know, while it was not as long as the 1985 earthquake it was definitively stronger. Most of the damage was obscenely under reported and again misinformation veiled the true devastation.
After noon at 1:14 pm Mexico city was paralyzed, once again the streets were flooded with people walking home, heavy traffic and the power was out. No metro lines, few buses and the struggle to help out persons smashed in the collapsed structures drew volunteers that began to organize and help. Soon outside of the capital in the state of Morelia closer to the epicenter, frighten people needed to be rescued, they remained living in the streets, because 60% of homes were in ruins.

Hundreds of organizations spontaneously formed to provide food and clothing. The effort to reach remote areas cut off from the electric grid, communication disrupted by landslides and damaged roads. Not to mention some 400 historical landmarks (Churches and Haciendas) were estimated to be damaged as well.

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There were trucks loaded with donations moving across the country to the devastated places. But the military was deployed to block the roads and cease all the donations... Yes, they took everything from the volunteers and said their orders were to take all the items to a warehouse where the government could decide who needs it most. None of the donations reached the needy, and all the organizations complained to no avail, adding insult to injury.

These series of events and the collective grief, led me towards a different path. The evidence and magnitude of the human stupidity had risen to justify more injustice, violence and theft.


What needs to be done, is a long and important effort to create moral standing and empathy among new generations, while the greedy and perverted die or stuff themselves into a permanent stupor.

Some persons may already be in high moral standing, those will become natural allies. The tools that I have gathered to build skills are not new or out of the ordinary, but if we share them, we have many possibilities to grow out of this terminal phase of nonsense. Anyone can facilitate "conceptual interpretation" make it a common form of learning for just about any subject.

We have added this video where Mr. Steven Pinker, a Psychology Professor lectures about the history of linguistics and make a good analysis to the value of words to understanding our human brain.

This week on MindMatters we are joined by Juliana Barembuem of Language with Chu, a polyglot and long-time student of language, How is the use of language abused and in service of ideas that actually confuse and misinform - to name just a few. One thing to realize is that the deeper we get into this discussion the more we see that these lines of inquiry are really just the beginning of this conversation

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