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After years of working on sustainable projects, social responsibility and cooperative organization, it is perhaps the unsuccessful efforts that reveal the true nature of discontent.  Our experience has demonstrated that it is our attitudes that make all the difference. As we enter the era of facing the consequences of chronic neglect and the results of decades of optimistic delusion.

How to approach this dilemma?


Building a world were our need create less burdens for each other. 


We invite you to investigate before making decisions. Some alternatives are designed to produce money for a few investors, while the rubbish they produce is hidden. Think about "Nuclear Reactors" the list is long.




Bridging the censorship gap that holds us captive and weakens us. We can grow stronger relationships, by starting with ourselves, respecting the basic needs and living with higher principals.



Superfluous green washing is not sustainable, it is hypocritical. We need to pay attention to details, plan and take actions to avoid mental/health disasters, weather contingencies or food shortages. Learning to take responsibility, simple things; proper emergency plan, and storage facilities in your own home.


Get into the habit of maintaining awareness and speaking kind words that will help you engage with neighbors because: "United we stand divided we fall."



"We are not carrying the world on our shoulders,

the world is carrying us,"


Yet, we are blinded by well crafted propaganda, please view this video of Richard Wolff who explains very clearly the set up or "trap" most city dwellers fall for.










Willful ignorance is choosing to conform with what we are told,

and never really knowing why, who, where or what.

Darin Stevenson shares with us important points;

our common expectations, the kinds of forms of distractions and destruction, have lost the spark of adventures, the value of communal networks, He explores how to depart from the rectangular stronghold. And how to be intrepid sensitive and curious.


Our habits need to adjust to a non-disposable existence, which will allow the regeneration of all living beings.


Need to change your attitude?

Do you want to focus on reality?

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