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The Usurpation of Life

By Lucia Natalia Aguilar G.

Reflecting on the early nineteen eighties, when I was a partner and head of the art department at “Medias Co.” the company grew under a unique time frame garnished with the opportunity to create content for well-funded corporations and their subsidiaries, who were secretly given the mission to standout at any cost. Thus, my already critical eye for details turned to analyzing propaganda distilled for radio and television consumption twenty-four seven. Before then, I had never owned a television, occasionally as a casual dinner guest I got a glimpse for a few minutes at my uncle’s home.


Medias Co. was well connected to international firm associates who, after being properly wined and dined, commissioned us the production of overpriced advertising campaigns, training and motivational videos, including the corporate image of their sanitized history. The company complied with my “above average” standards for quality control. That meant no mismatches, procuring artistic lighting (Rembrant-esque) for models or products shots, no dandruff, red eyes, or crooked ties. No room for wobbly scenes, unjustified horizon tilts in any shot, the contrast, hue and color correction was obligatory for every single image and that started in our studio with impeccable sound editing.


Our work became exclusive and unrivaled. Unfortunately, most of the public relations and advertising agencies were staffed with nincompoops. The offspring of former politicians’ and the worst kind of new bourgeoisie. A generation of unconditional lapdogs indoctrinated to serve neo capitalists, probably numbskulls expelled from some tech university or Harvard incubators. It didn’t take long to discover their bad taste and obvious visual illiteracy; partly due to their insulated monastic upbringing, far from giving them a head start, it incapacitated their perception to the point of willful blindness, totally arresting their development, unable to relate to anything outside of their minuscule circle of happy hour cocaine addicts and drunks. Inhumane vessels, frolicking fools, careless and empty consumers begging for another chance to stand in the limelight for five minutes of fame.


I can testify to all of these atrocities, because I was married to one. At those luxurious parties and gala events, I had conversations where they casually revealed their horrific childhoods, or why they were in therapy; blaming their nannies that instructed them to pretend to like or kind of love their parents. Which, in reality, both parents loathed and despised the shear notion of being married to each other, the product of ill will and casual sex. This “poor child” was rejected even before conception. Both parents were perpetual fakes, addicts, alcoholics and money hoarders.


Layers of deceit hide a parasitic abomination of common mutants disguised as social elites; both spouses cheated on each other and many closet gay men carried out secret orders, in return for juicy contracts from anonymous offshore investment firms. While the cynical and conniving wives, parade their augmented bodies dressed with ill-gotten loot at awards shows paid for by the “entertainment industry”. All phony news, gossip for and staged by mediocre wannabe actors, painters and scriptwriters, created a culture of willing prostitutes catering to yet another cabal of judicial hangmen, all unanimously blabbing away begging for crumbs off the “jet set” table; while backstabbing each other till their early demise, sudden heart attack or suicide. 


I may have been fifteen years old when my father, who was an electro-mechanical engineer remarked how he felt about all the astonishing inventions up to the nineteen seventies. He stated that “Since I was young the speed of technological evolution has been overwhelming.” To which I responded “I feel that the possibilities of those technologies and innovation is incredibly slow and very little has been done or put into really good use.” Since then, monitoring innovation has been another secret hobby of mine.

The Venetians remind us that “Nothing is stronger than the Force of an Idea.”

If you can control culture, then you can control the way people think.

All of a sudden it’s become fashionable to be an activist, yes to be a rebel!  Everyone is a “Warrior” and most jobs are nothing more than ghosts in the machines. What machines am I referring to? The education machine, the government (a political machine), the entertainment industry (the dream machine) and now the “Smart Town” or Smart city, as the propaganda machine likes to glorify, a new security code to control to us all, over sexualized voyeuristic slaves; who are more than willing to throw everyone that isn’t a slave under the bus.


Under the benign banner of "Sustainability" the rise of hypocritical organizations (filled with the same unwanted oligarch heirs to their decrepit, collapsing dynasty) they are busy playing the climate change card. There is no reset. Not only is there no real innovation, destruction is what they do. It’s a bio/psych war at a very different scale; using our cellphones and infrastructure purchased by taxpayer’s money, once again under the guise of prosperity.


The world is not a stage, nor a stadium. It is so much more precious, yet the parasitic class has invaded every culture to undermine their sheer existence. The immorality of their ways damage perception itself, obscuring the value of common sense and usurping life.


Contradicting our life long expectation; that our effort will be someday rewarded. This dogma is the goal for most academics (education machine), who are still openly cynical and mentally castrated derelicts, afraid of losing their cozy position (Inflated degrees of acquired extortion). All habitually disconnected or unaccountable, they are lost souls fighting to conceal their own lack of discontent, obliterating imagination and authentic inquiry. Their job is turning people into zombies and accumulating things as a means of compensation, while executing those who dare to manifest love and perform the intangible. 


Confusing naive citizens to take the blame of "global warming", to alleviate the guilt, they are providing a series of soul searching quests: One; give up your existence. Two; your life is a threat to the biosphere. And three; you can't afford to live here anymore. 

Because "SMART HOMES" are for "Smart People" and Smart towns have decided who appeals best to that ever changing description. Pushing populations to the "Next-level digital environment" for the new prison formally known as home.


The "bottom line" mind set is committed to endlessly pollute our planet and beyond with "Smart products and chemical enhancers" all are totally toxic, radioactive and unsustainable. This nonsense is based on pure speculation, in tandem with selling us the term "Connectivity" is emotional extortion and psychological conditioning. We are witnessing the opposite; the lack of real connectivity with ourselves, this moment, a finite world and the infinite universe.

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